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Mentors & Classes


Class 1: Powerful Kundalini Yoga Workout with Piara

Mentor: Julia Lanski (Piara)

Julia Lanski, also known as Piara (her Spiritual name) is a Kundalini Yoga and Spiritual Teacher, armed with the tools from Tony Robbins's life coaching program.  She is a student of the famous Spiritual Master, Guru Singh.

Piara will share an incredibly powerful practice to instantly change your emotional and mental state and boost your energy levels, as well as help you get in better physical shape! 


Class 2: Find Your Purpose Through The Power of Art

Mentor: Teodora Burgazlieva

Teodora Burgazlieva is the founder and CEO of Life Programming. Author of the bestselling motivational book "Невъзможно / Impossible" (published in Bulgaria in 2018). Teodora is an artist, who designs her own self-development practices, including meditation, visualization, and art classes. 

Her former professional experience includes working for some of the largest financial institutions in the United States.

Teodora will introduce you to a simple but powerful art and visualization technique to help you find your true purpose, so you can live a happier and more joyful life.


Class 3: Self-Healing Rituals

Mentor: Stan Hope

Stan Hope is a Reiki Master, a Healer, living and working in the beautiful island town of Nantucket, Massachusetts. Originally from Bulgaria, he moved to the USA in order to expand his knowledge, to practice Reiki, and heal people.   

In his class, Stan will teach us how we can clear our energy, release stress, and protect ourselves through the power of Reiki! 


Class 4: Guided Meditation on Self-Love and Self-Acceptance

Mentor: Teodora Burgazlieva

In this guided meditation, Teodora will take you on an exciting journey where you'll meet someone very special in your life. Just close your eyes, relax and dive deep into your subconsciousness to find that lost, but much needed feeling of self-love.


Class 5: Neuroscience Calisthenics

Mentor: Jean Fallacara, Eng Biotechnology 

Jean was voted the #5 motivational influencer in Canada in 2020. He is the founder and CEO of Z-SCI Corporation and COO of Biohackers Update magazine. He's a certified Life Coach as well as REBT Mindset & CBT Cognitive Behavior specialist.

In his class, Jean is sharing with us the powers of neuroplasticity, biohacking, Neuroscience calisthenics, and how to boost our mental performance to hijack our body clock, strengthen our minds and bodies and improve our quality of life! 


Class 6: Shape The Body You Want

Mentors: Twins Sandev

Fitness Coaches, Professional Dancers, Vloggers, Models, and Influencers. 

Dessi and Gratsi Sandev are passionate about dance, fitness, exercise, and healthy lifestyle. Today they work as personal fitness coaches in Los Angeles. 

This class aims to motivate you and to help you get in better physical and mental shape, by working out from the comfort of your own home. You'll learn easy and fun exercises to shape your core and glutes muscles.


Class 7: Become 50% Happier

Mentor: Simeon Ivanov 

Simeon Ivanov is the Founder of United States of Zen, author of 0.1%, and a former, professional formula racing driver.  

After graduating in London, Simeon started a medical company with his brother, growing it from zero to a $15M business by age 26. After selling the business in Bulgaria, Simeon moved to the United States with the goal to write the most practical and valuable personal growth book that was ever written.  

Today, he is working to build the first city in the world focused on human advancement and quality of life. 

In his class, Simeon teaches you a practice that can help you become 50% happier. In his own words, this is the most important lesson that he's ever learned in his life.